Australian exotic dancer changes his name to Bill Gates

Joachim Feise (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 21:15:02 -0800

SYDNEY, Dec 6 (AFP) - An Australian male exotic dancer with a fledgling
Internet business said Sunday he was so obsessed with computers that he
had legally changed his name to Bill Gates.
"I can't wait to book my first flight or my first hotel in my new name,"
the 35-year-old Australian Gates -- formerly Carl Anderson -- told
Sydney's Sun-Herald newspaper.
The Australian Gates, who lives in Sydney's notorious Kings Cross red
light district, owns a nail salon, works as an exotic snake dancer, and
has launched his own erotic web site design company, Microhard.
Gates did not shy away from charges that his name change could be seen as
a stunt to gain publicity for his new company.
"I figure there will be some kind of association with Gates' Microsoft,
but now I want to make Microhard a household name," he admitted. "I say
it's Bill Gates on Viagra."