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Tim Byars (
Sat, 12 Dec 1998 14:16:18 -0800

At 4:36 PM -0500 12/12/98, Daniel Veillard put forth the following:

>> 60% of all web authoring is done on a Mac. good reason not to support it.
> There was a time when 100% of the web authoring were done on a Next
> workstation, too ...
> You have the source so port it and stop complaining. If porting is too
> hard, then install MkLinux or LinuxPPC ! Mac is the most closed piece of
> hardware still having users. The luser supporting the closed view of
> their cherished S.J. mentor just get what they deserve ...


I really don't give a fuck what you release it in because I can run it in
Virtual PC, or real PC or Sparc or NeXT or whatever. That isn't the point.
The point is a majority of web developers are doing their work on Mac's.
And the W3C, the "standards" body is releasing software that the majority
of web developers can't run. So how effective a standards body is it that
ignores a majority?

Also, I'm glad to see personal prejudice doesn't enter into your thinking.


P.S. I thought this guy asked to be unsubscribed?


Happy Holidays! And the best of New Years...

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