Re: MSW3C Software

Daniel Veillard (
Sat, 12 Dec 1998 18:36:10 -0500

> And the W3C, the "standards" body is releasing software that the majority
> of web developers can't run. So how effective a standards body is it that
> ignores a majority?

Yeah, I love this school of thought ... Considering that 95% or the users
looking at the web does it from a Windows machine, all W3C work should be
designed to give best result in that environment. Sorry by starting with
"MSW3C" you started suggesting this. Then since the authoring environment
is obviously Machintoshes, then this extremely important point should be
taken into account each time someone at W3C does anything related to
authoring. Amaya/Thot was initially Unix based for the 12 first years of
this code base. Porting to Windows had been asked by paying members of
W3C (otherwise I guess it would have stayed an Unix only codebase). I guess
we got only half a dozen personal request for a Mac port in the last 3
years. Your "majority of developpers" doesn't seems that interested,
or at least not very vocal.
Another point is that your stupid rant on FoRK is definitely not the
proper place to get thing to improve. It just allows you to show to your
small community how much a martyr you are and how bad this evil
Redmond' controlled W3C is. Child attitude, but well in line with the
average american behaviour when they face something which trouble
their own little ego.

> Also, I'm glad to see personal prejudice doesn't enter into your thinking.

I suggest that you send a mail to Vincent Quint, candicating for a full-
time job porting Amaya on the Mac platform during next year, with an
INRIA based salary. Then I will accept your rants about "personal prejudice".

In the meantime, you're not well-placed to bash W3C staff about personal


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