Re: Would you pay $10/month for a digital car radio subscription?

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 08:56:09 -0800

You forgot the absolutely best feature. The 'I never want to listen
to this song ever again button'. How I've longed for that feature.


I Find Karma wrote:
> The business model of the company CD Radio (Nasdaq: CDRD) intrigues me.
> These people think we will be willing to pay $10/month for a nationwide
> radio subscription service for our *cars* (that's right, you can only
> pick it up in your car, not your home).
> The more I think about it, there are several advantages:
> 1. No commercials.
> 2. Digital-quality audio. No more hissing and static (unless you're
> listening to Marilyn Manson).
> 3. No driving out of radio range.
> 4. Extremely niched programming, e.g. The All-Reggae Channel.
> 5. One hundred channels; no more fiddling with the presets.
> 6. A digital display tells you what song you're listening to.
> No more humming a tune all day without knowing what it is!