Re: An Ecology of Lies

Ron Resnick (
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 00:19:26 +0200

Rohit Khare quoted someone who wrote:

> For New Yorkers, that is the equivalent of saying someone born and raised
> in a dying farming town 60 miles north of Buffalo is a native New Yorker
> and thus uniquely qualified to write about the inner workings of Manhattan.
> If any writer in New York made that claim, they would be legitimately
> ridiculed out of print.

Pfft. 60 miles due north of Buffalo NY would put you in the
waters of Lake Ontario, just off the shore of Oshawa Canada!
Dying farming town, yah, I should think so. *Drowning* farming town.
Go check a map.

I thusly declare the writer of the words above to be uniquely
unqualified to write about ANYTHING dealing with geography.
I abandoned reading any more of this piece at precisely this point.

Can we legitimately ridicule wazzisname out of print too?
(lessee, that would be a certain
<> <>- don't the
earthlink & aol domains just say it all??)

Oh, no, this is FoRK. Sorry, we don't do that here. We just
bear it all stoically, right lads (& lasses)?