Re: An Ecology of Lies

Tim Byars (
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 15:10:36 -0800

At 12:19 AM +0200 12/14/98, Ron Resnick put forth the following:

> Rohit Khare quoted someone who wrote:
>> For New Yorkers, that is the equivalent of saying someone born and raised
>> in a dying farming town 60 miles north of Buffalo is a native New Yorker
>> and thus uniquely qualified to write about the inner workings of Manhattan.
>> If any writer in New York made that claim, they would be legitimately
>> ridiculed out of print.
> Pfft. 60 miles due north of Buffalo NY would put you in the
> waters of Lake Ontario, just off the shore of Oshawa Canada!
> Dying farming town, yah, I should think so. *Drowning* farming town.
> Go check a map.

Geez you guy's just don't get it do you?

Let's go back to the article:

> Mr. Davis was not only not born in Los Angeles, he was not even raised
> anywhere near LA, geographically or culturally. And of the heavily
> footnoted and researched facts, not just a handful, not just a few dozen
> here and there, but many hundreds (and hundreds) of them - were simply made
> up. Or, if not made up, twisted, rationalized and distorted until they bear
> as little relation to the truth as does President Clinton's definition of
> sex.
> To begin with Davis's own paternity, in his CITY OF QUARTZ bio, he did
> admit - as he had elsewhere - that he was born in a rust belt small town
> (Fontana) in San Bernardino County and raised in a tiny hamlet called
> Bostonia in the outback of San Diego County.

Fontana is the Crystal Meth capitol of Southern California. Obviously Mr.
Davis is a tweeker.

[SNIP, the rest of the articles criticisms can easily be dismissed as the
ramblings of a speed freak.]

Sheesh, do I always have to explain it?



Happy Holidays! And the best of New Years...

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