Re: FoRK FaQ offline?

Ian Andrew Bell (
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 13:05:08 -0800

This has been the case for a while.

It's just a broken link, presumably because someone in CS at CalTech
finally decided that VAX is probably not the best choice for a web

Now I'm kind of a wacky guy, so when I found out that the link was
broken, I tried replacing "csvax" with "www":

Call me experimental, if you like, but damned if it doesn't work!

In the meantime, have fun fiddling with yer firewall/proxy settings, or
google or whatever..


Kragen wrote:
> I try to access
> <URL:> from two
> different sites -- one at work, on PSINet, from which I get no
> response, and one at my ISP, on Digex, from which I get
> HTTP/1.0 502 Connection refused
> (Digex has recently installed a mandatory packet-diverting firewall,
> much like Singapore.)
> I have actually been trying to read the FAQ for a month or two, and I
> haven't been able to reach csvax once.
> I finally was able to read it by using the copy in's
> cache. (That's handy for quick undeletions of Web pages, too.)
> (looking forward to being flamed by the legendary CORBABoy)
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