Video search

Joachim Feise (
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 14:28:10 -0800

Since people on this list tend to have very weird tastes, as far as music and
video is concerned, I thought I try and ask if somebody knows if the movie
'Benny's Video' by Michael Haneke
"" is available in the US.
I know where I can get it in Germany in PAL format, but I'd like to get a copy
in NTSC to be able to watch it here.

In case you are curious, this is the plot outline from the URL above:
A story about a boy called Benny, who watches violent movies, including a
home-made video of a pig being slaughtered. Soon after, Benny loses his mind and
kills a girl and films the murder with his video camera.

Actually, this outline is not even half the story (I just didn't find any better
one in English, and the Babelfish translation of the German plot descriptions,
e.g., at sucks).
Anyway, what comes after the killing is the more important part.