RE: FoRKs and KNiVeS and RiSoTTo SPooNS, oh my!

Tim Byars (
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 15:25:05 -0800

At 1:16 PM -0800 12/14/98, Rohit Khare put forth the following:

> Similarly, while I flushed most of the false unsubscribes from a fortnight
> ago, Tim was too much for Nelson and Daniel, whom we will deal with
> personally the next time we're in Boston -- which should be Dec 27-Jan 4
> for Jay Thomas' New Years' bash and fieldwork for fresh drafts of "The
> Evolution of W3C"...

You know, I was thinking about this today. I was driving the Cobra down the
405 to go to lunch and I passed a couple of Kraut 6's. (Porsche's, a new 9
whatever and a Boxter, had "distributor plates") Well there is nothing like
a little game of threading the needle in holiday traffic at 85-105 MPH to
wake you up. :-) Of course the 6'ers were amazed that the Mustang with the
Snake on it's fender could not only keep up but out accelerate them.
(Sheesh, only more horsepower and torque, although on the top end the 9
whatever would get me as I top out at around 160)

Anyway, this brings me to my thought of the day. What is the market share
of Porsche? I seriously doubt it's 3%. Clearly anyone driving one of
these is a lonely fool looking at the world through Stuttgart colored
glasses. If he had a brain he's be driving a Honda Accord like the rest of
the people because that is what the majority drive. What a luser.



And if you don't like it, I got two words for you...


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