Re: Yahoo? No, *Net Solutions* is taking over the world...

Tim Byars (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 06:54:50 -0800

At 8:35 AM -0600 12/15/98, C. Dale put forth the following:

> Hi!
> Let's not forget the OS movement!! Hi, I'm Cindy Dale. I'm new to the
> list and have just been lurking. Tim said I should intro myself, but I
> wanted to get a feel for the list first, and I'll be damned if I can
> figure out just what the focus of it is, but -shrug- Anyhow, I'm 33, a
> mom/writer/geek, from Mississippi, now in NC working at Red Hat Software
> as a Level 2 tech support engineer (Don't start groaning yet; phone
> suppport doesn't start till after the new year). I took my BA in English
> from USM under the stern guidance of Steve Barthelme (if you don't know
> who he is, maybe you've heard of his brother Donald? no? didn't think
> so. sigh.). I dunno how i got into this field, something about a shell
> account in college and my hatred of GUI....
> Anyhow, hello!
> Cindy

Cindy, glad to see you post.

To the rest of the FoRKers, Cindy is the first member of TX. What is TX you
might ask? TX is members of FoRK that is fed up with the "corporate"
message subscribed to by the 97% of FoRK. Computing has always been about
choice. But to listen to the signal to noise on FoRK if you choose you are
not worthy.

Well we got one word for you...




Happy Holidays! And the best of New Years...

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