Re: [NY Times] Dole on a "tough but responsible solution."

Jay Thomas (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 13:44:56 -0500

I Find Karma wrote:
> Dole takes the opportunity to take a nice little shot at the
> intelligence of the average American
> > I seriously doubt that half the American people understand the complex
> > impeachment process.

Actually, I'd tend to say he was being generous. Most of the folks
I've tried to discuss this with had *no* understanding of the process,
making the conversation very frustrating.

Along the same lines, I'm really enjoying watching the lefties come up
with new reasons why this can't happen. They bitch about it taking too
long (Bubba's fault for dragging it out), then they bitch it's going
too quickly and they're not getting enough time (wanting to drag it
out for the new Congress to decide). The best quote in weeks came from
the recent Anti-impeach rally at NYU Law School, fronted by Alec
Baldwin (Geez, a Hollywood actor condoning lying?), claiming Clintons
impeachment could cause *millions* of deaths!!!
``I totally condemn what the president did ... but millions of people
will suffer and die because the Republican Congress wants to get
President Clinton for a personal sin,''

And, of course, "Champion of Womens Rights"tm, Gloria Steinem,
forgetting how her hero has tried to destroy every woman who has
accused him of inappropriate conduct, sells out her sisters by saying:

``My fear is that the right wing is succeeding in destroying sexual
harassment law in the same way they destroyed affirmative action
legislation. They are using this law to assassinate the president when
sexual harassment law has nothing to do with
welcome sex,''

Adam, you're right when you call Clinton "unembarrassable", and so,
apparently, are his supporters.

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