Re: [NY Times] Dole on a "tough but responsible solution."

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 12:15:29 -0800

For the record, it wasn't Baldwin who made the statement. I add this only to
defend Reuters' journalistic ethics. Crazed statements by Hollywood
types don't deserve reporting -- and don't get reported, the better to burnish
the symbiotic media-industrial complex. Crazed statements by Christian leaders,
however predictable, are:



By Hagar Scher

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Public figures ranging from Nobel Prize-winning
novelist Toni Morrison to Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin spoke out
Monday against the possible impeachment of President Clinton.

About 20 prominent individuals addressed a rally convened at New York
University Law School that was organized by an ad-hoc group called
Americans Against Impeachment. Local television reports estimated the
crowd at 500.

The Rev. Paul Moore, former Episcopal Bishop of New York, talked about
problems that would go untended while the country became embroiled in
impeachment proceedings, like the ailing state of Social Security and
public schools in the United States and the fragile political
situations in Bosnia and the Middle East.

``I totally condemn what the president did ... but millions of people
will suffer and die because the Republican Congress wants to get
President Clinton for a personal sin,'' he said.