Saddam's been naughty for Christmas again

Ron Resnick (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 00:17:02 +0200, just moments ago:
> U.S. strikes Iraq
> In a statement, White House spokesman Joe
> Lockhart said the U.S. had launched a
> substantial attack against Iraq.
> Anti-aircraft fire was seen and heard over
> Baghdad early Thursday morning, local
> time. This came as U.S. military forces in the
> Persian Gulf were "in execute mode"
> Wednesday. White House officials consulted
> congressional leaders and U.S. allies amid
> growing expectations of a military strike
> against Iraq. President Clinton is to make a
> statement from the Oval Office within the
> hour.

Well folks, looks like it's finally happening (again).
Last time I saw those ghostly green ack-acks over CNN from
Baghdad, the following night (we got 28 or so hours of grace),
the Scuds came into Israel and Saudi. We (Riva&I) were
newlyweds at the time, and did the gas mask &sealed room routine.
Our room had a pretty good view over Haifa harbour, and we
saw incoming scuds, and later in the war, patriots too.

Now its 8 years later, 6 of which spent in Toronto, and
here we are back. It's deja vu all over again :-).

Hopefully this time the bugger will have enough sense to leave
us out of it, and just take his lumps like he's supposed to.
But, you never know. Now of course we've got 3 kids, which
makes the whole thing a lot less like an adventure, and a lot
more like a serious pain in the ass.

Anyway, FoRK just might be about to get its first live on
the scene war correspondent. Quite involuntarily, I assure
you. The computer is in our
sealed room, so I should be email connected in the event of...
However, we don't have any view out of this room, so I won't
have much to report on. Oh well, it really shouldn't come
to that, right..?