Re: Attack on Baghdad...

Ian Andrew Bell (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 14:24:58 -0800

By the way..

Apparently they led the assault with more than 100 Tomahawk cruise
missiles, at $750K each. I think it's clear now: Clinton figures that
the key to avoiding impeachment is to just out-spend Kenneth Starr..

Just think how stressful it must be to be some shady Banana Republic
dictator out there oppressing the masses and killing the
underprivileged, knowing that on any particular morning you might wake
up and find your empire in ruins because the US President got called a
"Wimp" or got his hands caught in the zipper of some intern.

Nice to know that justice is even-handed now that the US has appointed
itself as the world's equivalent to the LAPD.

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