Re: Mac Development Costs

Mike Masnick (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 22:25:16 -0800

At 10:51 AM 12/16/98 -0800, Tim Byars wrote:
>Too bad the all the Ms boys and their jobironi's aren't around anymore to
>read this.
>What's Marketshare?
> Let's pretend the Mac hardware marketshare is as low as 5% of the total
>computers sold, it isn't, but I'll get to that later. That is still a silly
>measurement. It would be like comparing Boeing's market share to Piper's or
>to all vehicles. Remember, something like 75%+ of the game market (unit
>sales) is to things other than PC's (GameBoy's, Sega's, Nintendo's and so
>on) -- does that mean that the PC's are doomed because the market is too
>small percentage wise? Don't be silly.

<snippety snip snip>

Seems like a dumb article. I read it a few times over to see if I could
figure out where that guy is coming from. My best guess? Desperation. He
piles on assumption after assumption (some he gladly admits are his own
guesstimates, and in other places he throws out numbers with no support).
He builds up a house of cards that has obviously been constructed to prove
his point.

My response? Go to the source. If it really costs less to create and sell
Mac software, and those who do will get just as nice a return as on their
PC sides, check with the folks who do both and see what they say. While
there are plenty of software companies that do dumb things, figuring out an
ROI on what you do is certainly possible. You don't stop a portion of your
business arbitrarily, and the companies that did so, obviously disagree
with Mr. Every. They should know better than he. They see the actual
sales numbers, and know the development costs.

My own personal experience also disagrees with Mr. Every's convoluted
support. I work in software distribution and see how much of particular
products get sold. No matter how you set up the "market" it's really not
that big in comparison. Maybe for some products, but I'd say plenty of
software publishers are more than justified in ditching their Mac
development side.