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Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (reagle@rpcp.mit.edu)
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I recommend the FAS-MAN site.

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< http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/ops/iraq.htm > The Federation of American
Scientists' "Iraq Crisis" page: It's the ultimate site for military wonks
who want to dive into the Tom Clancyesque details. For starters, the site
claims to have the "Orders of Battle for Operation Desert Fox."

< http://www.defenselink.mil > The official Web site of the U.S.
Department of Defense. Check out the Real Audio file of the Defense
Department press briefing on the attack. It's about a half-hour long-and
not all that thrilling.


< http://www.iraq.net/ > IraqNet's News Center seems to be the unofficial
site for all things Iraqi. Most importantly, it has a discussion forum
where expatriate Iraqis are already discussing the air strikes.

< http://www.opinion-pages.org/international.htm > The "International
Op/Ed Pages" offer just that -- a comprehensive list of editorials from
papers around the globe. Nothing about the bombings yet. But this will be
the place to check out world opinion tomorrow.

< http://www.arabia.com/ > Arabia On-Line's coverage includes breaking
stories, though they're mostly culled from wire services. It also has an
"Arab Forum" you can sign into to discuss the air strikes, though you have
to register first. Hopefully the site will have more regional-based
reporting in the next few days.

< http://news.bbc.co.uk/ > The BBC Online carries information on the
strikes from the British point of view -- which is very similar to the
U.S. point of view, as Britain is the other country bombing Iraq along
with the U.S.


< http://www.commondreams.org/ > "NewsCenter," a project of Common Dreams,
is the Yahoo of progressive news (admittedly a niche). It links to the
latest news on the attacks, with the spicy headline: "Cruise Missiles Fall
on Iraqis as Clinton Wags the Dog." The site has a huge list of links to
progressive columnists (some from the MoJo Wire) -- plenty of them are
sure to write about the attack.

< http://leb.net/IAC/ > The Iraq Action Coalition is an activist group
that has long opposed economic sanctions against Iraq -- let alone
bombings. They're sure to be pissed and have something to say.

< http://www.iacenter.org/ > The International Action Center home page
already lists the locations of
nationwide protests against the bombing of Iraq.

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