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-> Linux marketshare grows 212% in 1998
-> There is an alternative to Windows, but its not the Macintosh: Freeware
-> sensation Linux grew a whopping 212% in 1998, outpacing Windows NT,
-> NetWare, and all other versions of UNIX by a wide margin. The number of
-> people using Linux--estimated at 7 to 8 million a year ago--tripled in
-> 1998, making Linux the only credible alternative to Windows. Linux is used
-> as a server OS on over 4.4 million systems now, giving it 25% of the server
-> market. Windows NT has 36% of that market while NetWare has about 24%.
-> "NT shipments are growing quite nicely. Are they growing as fast as in the
-> past? The answer is no," said IDC analyst Dan Kusnetzky, whose company
-> issued these figures. "A lack of scalability has forced Microsoft to push a
-> functional server approach rather than the multifunction server approach
-> offered by Unix suppliers. This forces organizations to buy more copies of
-> Windows NT than they would if they were assigning the mission to some other
-> operating environment."
-> What's really amazing about these figures is that they do not include the
-> versions of Linux that were downloaded over the Internet--arguably, the
-> most popular way to get the operating system--because there's no way to
-> accurately detect whether it was installed.
-> -wininfo (yes, WINinfo)

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