Re: gone for good

Tim Byars (
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 19:32:35 -0800

At 9:25 PM -0600 12/18/98, C. Dale put forth the following:

> Exactly. I just don't get it. I felt a little smack of "oh yeh, we had
> paying folks who will keep getting service" in there; could that be what's
> goin on? Dunno, drinkin like hell right now cuz I missed the Red Hat
> party. Life tries to suck sometimes.
> Slurrin her words, thank Goddess for spell checkers,
> sillyhead

Understand that at any given time 3% of all FoRKers and totally sloshed.

So your amongst friends!



Happy Holidays! And the best of New Years...

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