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Tim Byars (
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 19:54:47 -0800

At 10:47 PM -0500 12/18/98, Kragen Sitaker put forth the following:

> On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Tim Byars wrote:
>> So 3 P-II 450 MHZ boxes running Linux or BSD should be able to handle what?
>> 500K hits a day? How can so many people be blaming so much on server
>> failure? I keep seeing this all of a sudden and I am having trouble
>> believing it's "server failure."
> Fuckin management failure is what it is. More hardware was theirs for
> the asking, along with time to administer it. Nobody outside the Inner
> Circle has any idea what happened -- Zach Joress, Aveek Datta, and
> Chris Ueland, I think.

Well that is usually the cause of most failures. (Pilot error is 82% of all
plane crashes)

Ok, what I'm really curious about is a single P-II 450 MHz box, let's say
192 Meg RAM, 100 base T, Apache 1.2 (is that the latest?) What can it



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