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Wed, 23 Dec 1998 13:14:08 -0800

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> >well,
> > IMHO, if you did it to be facetious or as a joke, which it seems
> >that you did, then I think you are an ass.
> I can assure you I posted Mick Foley's name on that poll with
> the utmost
> respect for Mick Foley. When I see you take a fall off a 20
> ft. cage, then

ok, then I retract the ass statement.

> There is a difference between honoring the dead, and creating
> a martyr.
Maybe the GLB movement needs a modern martyr. Every movement
does. So be it.

> P.S. And why do assume I'm not gay/bi? Hetrophobia getting you down?
> --
Insecure about yours?

Firstly, learn how to use grammar and a dictionary.

Second, I never made any assumptions about your sexual orientation
in my message or in my mind, maybe you should read it again.
Your sexual orientation is irrelevant, its your actions which
bother me.
I also didn't bother to reveal mine, which is irrelevant as well.

PS: Im perfectly willing to admit that Im an emotional radical fanatic when
it comes to gay rights who doesn't always respond to reason.