RE: What I started...

Tom Whore (
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 13:35:49 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Josh Cohen wrote:
> >
> Maybe the GLB movement needs a modern martyr. Every movement
> does. So be it.
Man what a worthless statement, probably the most worthless so far on my
near two years on fork.

I have freinds who have died of aids, a few gay bashed. You maybe think it
would all be worth it if they were made into Media Martyrs? You think you
would feel better about the whole thing if there was some blood spilling
and a great swelling of forced emotion for the "cause"?

So i got an idea, why dont you offer yourself up for the position? I mean,
it has to be, so be it.

> Insecure about yours?

Oh realy nice shot. ASking for sexual credentials is a sure sign of a

> Firstly, learn how to use grammar and a dictionary.

Grammar POlice as well. Thats teh second tip of to the 97%

> I also didn't bother to reveal mine, which is irrelevant as well.

NO , but you call in to questions Tim's with the insecurity comment. Nice
little duality you got going there. Mind if I drive a truck thru your

> PS: Im perfectly willing to admit that Im an emotional radical fanatic when
> it comes to gay rights who doesn't always respond to reason.
Oh and thats so great for the community. More irrational blathering and
harmfull action in the name of something that you "feel" about. Well that
sort of stupidity has a BODY COUNT, so rather than knock folks for grmar
and spelling why dont you do as the wise sages said "Check Your HEad".