RE: What I started...

Tom Whore (
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 14:40:27 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Josh Cohen wrote:
> > From: Tom Whore []
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> > > Insecure about yours?
> >
> > Oh realy nice shot. ASking for sexual credentials is a sure sign of a
> > 97%er.
> >
> thats not asking for any credentials. its simply questioning why he
> brought up an assumption of his that I thought he was straight.
> I never made any assertion to his orientation nor do I give a shit,
> its completely irrelevant.

Sounds nice, but its a weak backstep from a unsure position.

You said what you said, so be it. Making an issue out of something that
you say is not an issue is something to think about. Why protest this
point so often in the last few posts?

Regardless...the exchange is somewhat indicative of the kind of emotions
that spring up over issues that involve the catch words of emotional , not
rational, issues. It also shows the bias , expressly coped to or not, of
the participants.

Tims into wrestling. I think he has shown by word and post that this is
something he is into. That he would vote for Mick Foley, some one from his
stated interest, versus another person not in his interests, is by any
means a surprise. I voted for myself, and made it to the #3 spot on the
poll for a while, because I am my favorite hobby.

The reaction to other peoples interests is telling in many ways of those
making the judgements. Those who are quick to double tomb stone anothers
likes or dislikes off thier moral top ropes must realise they are making
a specticle of thier intents.

To each person there is a path. Respect.