RE: What I started...

Tim Byars (
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 15:27:30 -0800

At 2:18 PM -0800 12/23/98, Josh Cohen wrote:

>> No you didn't, however would your zeal to name call and
>> denounce me been as
>> quick if it was known to you I was gay/bi?
>Yes, my zeal doesn't care what your orientation is.
>If there is any inward phobia it is yours. From your
>statements I would now assume that you are not straight.
>The issue here seems to be that you've been dying to bring
>your own sexuality into the debate beleiving that it is
>somehow relevant or that it makes your actions more credible.

No, I am straight. However, if I wasn't, if I liked to suck dick, I sure as
hell wouldn't feel the need to label myself a minority like I see so many
in the GLC feels. I would do what I enjoy and wouldn't care too much about
how I was perceived by the rest of the world. Gee, much as I am now.

>> You don't like
>> watching muscular
>> men in tights throw each other around for 2 hours?
>Actually, not the way the "professional wrestling" does.
>Apropos of nothing, I wrestled for 5 years in HS and college,
>so I'm biased. I like men in tights, but the WWF way of
>wrestling bothers me. I don't call that wrestling, my view
>of wrestling is the more traditional type you see in
>frestyle and grecco-roman. I think the WWF is a showy, fake,
>sad excuse for "wrestling".

WWF is not wrestling. It is "Professional Wrestling" which is labeled as
"sports entertainment." It's sort of like arguing that Wind Surfing isn't
surfing because they have this big sail attached.

>I expect that statement to cause even more trouble..

No, it just demonstrates your complete and utter lack of understanding in
the subject that you're talking about.



For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who don't, no explanation will suffice.

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