Overscan for the holidays!

Steve Nordquist (signa@tfs.net)
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 23:39:16 -0600

No bits, Vvoxels. Cross-platform, cross-BIND, X invariant
condensed so-real-it-burns-on-an-altar overscan controls
for ads.

Praise the sublimity of the three jewels!
Butter cake, fish, five senses, flesh and nectars...
what's a phurbu? Three bladed phurbu? eBay set up
me what May Be a Furby....
why would I wanna stab a demon? Hmph.
Product Information

MySpace* is a graphic user interface technology that
runs along the bottom of the computer screen, just
below the tool bar. The MySpace* control bar includes
TV-like channel buttons that give users direct access
to content partner sites, and various technologies. It's
revolutionary in two ways:

It makes new use of your computer monitor's real
estate space. It's not Windows-dependent - which
makes it possible to run two operating systems (like
Windows and Unix) independently, and

The Pixel Company expands the usable screen area by writing directly to
the VGA driver of the monitor. Using this extra space outside of the
regular screen dimensions