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Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 15:33:40 -0800

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I've been asked to solicit Posters and Research
Demonstrations for the 1999 International Joint Conference on
Work Activities Coordination and Collaboration (WACC '99)
conference in at the Cathedral Hill Hotel in San Francisco,
California, February 22-25, 1999. WACC'99 is unique in that
it is jointly sponsored (pending final approval) by four ACM Special
Interest Groups: SIGCHI, SIGGROUP, SIGMOD, and SIGSOFT. In addition,
the conference is being organized in association with the IEEE Technical
on Data Engineering and in cooperation with the International Software Process
Participants will be able to broadly disseminate their research results in
to gaining valuable insight and feedback from other research communities
addressing similar

A brief overview is provided below, and complete information about the
conference may be found at:

WACC '99 provides a multi-purpose forum for the presentation, discussion, and
demonstration of key
ideas in this important area. Twenty-four technical papers will be presented
demonstrating novel
research results. The keynote address, titled Managing Processes in the
Networked Economy, will be
given by Thomas W. Malone, MIT Sloan School of Management. Invited speakers,
panels, posters,
and informal research demonstrations will be included in the conference program.
The conference will
be complemented by workshops on Cross-Organizational Workflow Management and
and Implementing Tailorability in Groupware and tutorials on Internet Scale
Workflow: Standards for
Cross-Enterprise Business Processes; CSCW, Groupware and Workflow: Experiences,
State of the
Art, and Future Trends; and XML: Modeling Data and Metadata. A reception will be
held the evening
of Tuesday, February 23.

Topics of interest include:
Architectures Mobility
Case studies and experience Modeling and execution
Collaborative transactions Organizational structures
Consistency and inconsistency Reengineering
Coordination models Resource utilization and reuse
Exceptions and deviations Scaling to the Internet
Human interaction Temporal constraints
Interoperablility Tools and methods
Metrics and measurement Virtual corporations and communities

Call for Posters, and Research Demonstrations

WACC '99 invites Poster, and Informal Research Demonstration submissions.
Posters and Informal
Research Demonstrations provide an excellent opportunity to exhibit and discuss
results and research prototypes.

Display space will be provided for posters in the poster/informal research
demonstration room.

Only versions of tools or systems (a) developed for non-commercial purposes to
explore novel
research ideas or (b) which are at least six months from commercial offerings
will be accepted as
research demonstrations. Booths will be provided in the Poster/Informal Research
room. No Internet connections, phone lines, or computing or projection equipment
will be provided.

Poster and demonstration researchers are expected to be available during the
reception Tuesday
evening. Wednesday morning from 9:00am to 12:00 noon, and during breaks.

How to Submit. Prepare a one-page description of the proposed poster or informal
demonstration. Poster and informal research demonstration submissions must
describe the research
problem addressed and include an outline of how the solution will be presented
to its audience.

Submissions must be prepared in plain ASCII text and sent electronically to:
Further, if you are planning on attending WACC'99 and may be interested in
seeing the latest work
in a particular area or from a particular research group, please forward your
suggestions to myself
or the submission email address.