Re: Mobile Document Application Lanugage (IBM research)

Tim Byars (
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 13:37:59 -0800

At 1:02 PM -0800 12/29/98, Dan Connolly wrote:
>I broke another psion. Surfing for a replacement, I
>found this tidbit. Juicy? Stale?
>As a subset of IBM's Almaden Research Centers 'Grand Central Station'
>(GCS) project, engineers are working on a Bluetooth & IrDA-aware
>universal remote control protocol called MODAL.

So I can finally use my Nokia IrDA?

>The MObile Document Application Language (MODAL) will allow for example,
>you to walk into a room and for all the modal-aware devices within range
>come up on your PDA or SmartPhones LCD display as a smart buttons with
>appropriate control options, and for you to be able to control those
>be they a TV, VCR, Printer, Fax etc.

Radio Shack (and I'm assuming a few others) are selling a Casio TV Remote
watch. It can steal codes or be programmed. I was thinking how cool it
would be to steal he codes for your buddies remote then change the channels
overriding what he's doing.

Technology, gotta love it.



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