Re: [Cutlery] subscribe fork (Patrick Phalen)

Patrick Phalen (
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 22:45:05 -0800

[Rohit Khare, on Wed, 03 Nov 1999]:
:: >[rk: *NOW * I'm scared.... !]
:: Actually, I'm not. It's a little sad, really, to be posting bits
:: without attribution...

ACK! Busted!

[snip tiresome display of searching prowess]

:: And as is our custom, Patrick, the obligatory recompense is New Bits
:: for Old (TM)...

Oh. Does that mean I have to read the damned FAQ? OK, since I'm new
here, I will.

Meanwhile, since we're on the subject of cutlery, you might be amused
by these industrial strength versions.