Re: To my friends in flight...

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 5 Nov 1999 15:59:50 -0800

Professor#1 wrote:
>This adds a new dimension to "feeling at home" in an airplane.

Professor #2 replied:
>At one time I thought the ultimate would be an endowed chair--which was a
>first class seat on a 747. This is wackier.

Personally, I can think of a lot of dorm rooms that I've lived in far
less comfy than a BA First Pod or a UA First Cabin. But frankly, I'm
with you on the endowed chair angle. Here's the first thing I'd go
buy with my Internet IPO Lottery proceeds: United PassPlus: a
lifetime of unlimited first class travel for you and a companion
worldwide for $1,010,000 (in 1996 dollars).


PS. See also, one geek's homebrew 727 conversion
project ...
>... retired airliners are profoundly well designed, high tech
>aerospace quality sealed pressure canisters that can withstand 575
>mph winds and seven G acceleration forces with ease, will last for
>centuries with minimal corrosion management effort, are highly fire
>resistant, and provide superior security. They're among the finest
>structures that mankind has ever built.

...and Twentieth Century Castles,, Atlas & Titan
missle silo homesites.
>Thanks for your interests in our unique underground properties.
>Built at a cost of millions, these heavily reinforced historic
>structures were designed to withstand nuclear attack. They bring new
>meaning to the word "shelter". Centuries from now they will remain.

PPS. I've been mightily frustrated searching through my personal
archives to counteract the effects of bitrot; the "secret" page
describing PassPlus has since been long taken offline (it used to be IIRC, it
included your own ticket stock, unlimited free drinks and headsets in
coach, and several other discounted versions : $40,000 off per year
after 70 years for seniors, $250,000 unlimited for five years, and,
of course, the real bulk of the program: bulk mileage purchase. It
works like an FF plan in reverse; instead of paying full fare walkup
coach, you can prepay approx $0.30/mile and come out ahead.