Mein gott, Nelson was arguing for CSS

Lloyd Wood (
Tue, 9 Nov 1999 17:47:14 +0000 (GMT)

Old, but good.
Embedded Markup Considered Harmful
Theodor Holm Nelson

and read the section marked 'Alternative method 1: parallel markup'

Okay, so CSS gives you _cleaner_ markup and _less_ of it with _some_
parallelism, which isn't quite what Ted's dreaming of, but it seems
like a good fit.

Ted then goes on to reinvent content/structure/presentation
separation. That's it. That separation and CSS are doomed, obviously.
Ted has spoken. (CSS predated this piece by about a year.)

the description of the system in footnote 2 clearly predates the ZX
Spectrum and attribute clash - Danny, take note for the next NTK
trivia contest. It's tempting to think that the only reason Ted
mentions that rather than the Spectrum was that the Spectrum was

And the URL in the references is broken, of course.
Deliberate irony, one assumes.

is awfully impressive, too.