Re: Handheld OS

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 12:57:13 -0800

The other thing to remember too, Microsoft is in trouble
for its anti-competitive, discriminatory *business* practices, not
software development practices.

The sort of anti-free market business practices that were proved
to be committed by Microsoft are severly frowned
upon, particularly in the software industry where innovation is key.

The technical merits of Windows or any other OS is irrelevant.

The other thing that really chaps me about Microsoft's reaction to
Jackson's ruling is that they are attacking him as a non-technical
player who doesn't understand the relevance of his decision. That's
part of what being a(n impartial) judge means. Both sides get to
plead their case using all the technical testimony they want and the
impartial judge makes a decision based on the facts that were presented
within the jurisdiction of the court. Both sides had the opporutnity to
state their case and rebutte the arguments of the other side.


Kragen Sitaker wrote:
> As JJ points out, the PC market is different from the server market,
> the palmtop market, the embedded-computer market, etc.
> So it's not surprising, from his point of view.
> On the other hand, various OSes (notably DR-DOS, OS/2, BeOS, and Linux)
> have tried to challenge Microsoft's desktop dominance, and so far have
> failed.