Re: Moron internet business models...

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Wed, 17 Nov 1999 09:19:18 -0600

This isn't directly related, but I've been meaning to rant about it for a month
or more. The "free" computer was well discussed in these bits, what, years
ago, wasn't it? Sign up for ISP, cellular, or some similar service, and we'll
throw in the hardware. And that's been happening, as predicted.

But the last few catalogues from TigerDirect, especially, have taken this idea
to absurd levels. Almost half the stuff in their stupid mailing is "free" or
very "inexpensive", but only due to "internet rebates". How many times, or for
how many months, can one person sign up for Juno (which used to be free
itself), to get a disk drive, scanner, or digital camera?

I don't get it. I found myself enticed by the great looking deals, and then
quickly annoyed. Now I assume that there's a catch for all of their pricing,
which couldn't have been their goal. What next, "free" groceries for a year,
with a simple home equity loan, Prime+10%?


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