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Wed, 17 Nov 1999 07:33:43 -0800

speaking of which....

I brought a computer from MicroCenter this weekend with a $400 rebate from
the only requirement is to open an E-Trade account with $1000 deposit and
keep the account
open for a year. Bargain of the millenium!

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> This isn't directly related, but I've been meaning to rant about it for a
> month
> or more. The "free" computer was well discussed in these bits, what,
> years
> ago, wasn't it? Sign up for ISP, cellular, or some similar service, and
> we'll
> throw in the hardware. And that's been happening, as predicted.
> But the last few catalogues from TigerDirect, especially, have taken this
> idea
> to absurd levels. Almost half the stuff in their stupid mailing is "free"
> or
> very "inexpensive", but only due to "internet rebates". How many times,
> or for
> how many months, can one person sign up for Juno (which used to be free
> itself), to get a disk drive, scanner, or digital camera?
> I don't get it. I found myself enticed by the great looking deals, and
> then
> quickly annoyed. Now I assume that there's a catch for all of their
> pricing,
> which couldn't have been their goal. What next, "free" groceries for a
> year,
> with a simple home equity loan, Prime+10%?
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