Re: Cambridge Tech loses another top exec
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 12:32:01 EST

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> Does this news item just display the enormous problems at Cambridge
>> Tech, or is it indicative of a rush of old-line consulting firm execs
>> Web startups?

it's possibly just a more visible manifestation of the oldest trend in the
book: consultants leave to join ":real" businesses, then hire their old firm
to do consulting work. (This is practically McKinsey's bnusiness model.) It
IS different to see senior officers leaving, however. My take is that it's
about money and governance models--the consulting firms are hampered by their
partnership governance model, which limits compensation (in these crazy
times) and are seeing to find ways to get into equity financing.
Some--Renaissacne solutions, etc--go public as consulting frims, with varying
results. In other cases, folks jump off as individuals. Same as when the
developers of the Palm are refused a spin-off, and decide to spin off
Is there any reason to think this is particular to Cambridge Tech Partners,
or is it just more visible there--this week?