Re: Cambridge Tech loses another top exec

Sally Khudairi (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 12:49:09 -0500

It doesn't seem to be so clear seeing that more than 30% of the CTP
workforce has now left the organization since their highly publicized
"reorg" last fall.

That aside, I'd like to hear Mark's opinion, as he authored the original
post. I just rubbed some salt in.

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> > Does this news item just display the enormous problems at Cambridge
> >
> >> Tech, or is it indicative of a rush of old-line consulting firm execs
> >to
> >
> >> Web startups?
> it's possibly just a more visible manifestation of the oldest trend in the
> book: consultants leave to join ":real" businesses, then hire their old
> to do consulting work. (This is practically McKinsey's bnusiness model.)
> IS different to see senior officers leaving, however. My take is that it's
> about money and governance models--the consulting firms are hampered by
> partnership governance model, which limits compensation (in these crazy
> times) and are seeing to find ways to get into equity financing.
> Some--Renaissacne solutions, etc--go public as consulting frims, with
> results. In other cases, folks jump off as individuals. Same as when the
> developers of the Palm are refused a spin-off, and decide to spin off
> themselves.
> Is there any reason to think this is particular to Cambridge Tech
> or is it just more visible there--this week?
> Tom