Re: Moskowitz on MARCA from 1995

Tom Whore (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 17:42:34 -0800 (PST)

far removed from the understanding of most admins and db people that if
you are even half awake to it you run the risk of fustrations at all

Example of personal note. Where I am working now there has been a rool out
of a large db project. It was a system bought from aonther contractor who
had installed it at several other orgs. What they failed to take into
account was that those other orgs were in a LAN config and this new set
up for us was a WAN config.

Why important? No one thought to ask or even to question. Much to the
surprise of everyone but a few the system CRAWLS. Why? Well looking at the
packets and respones of simple querys shows the client side often asks the
server for WHOLE TABLES rather than just the parts they NEED. End result,
when people pull up any fields concerning addresses,for instance, they go
out and get coffe. The SQL behind it was written as if BWF where as
plentifull as air.

Other issues have croped up concerning the use and abuse of bwf sucking
processes. Now of course everyone is at once doing the LayingOfBlame game
and the LetsBuyT3s shuffle.

No one, save for one office, is looking at trimming the code on the client
side to lighten the load.

In the land of lepers, the person with the most fingers is king.

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