Tchetchy, tcetchy

Rohit Khare (
Sat, 20 Nov 1999 17:46:59 -0800

I have decided a little etymological edification is in order:

Complainant #1 hypothesized:
> > Sheesh, you sure are one tcetchy client :-)
> > ...
> > Rohit
>P.S. What is the exact definition of tcetchy? Is that Hindi?

Complainant #2 spent a bit more effort:
> >Tchethily,
>In deciding that Tchethily wasn't a word, I felt need to prove it.. The
>Indonesian/German Dictionary pull up was just too funny to pass up. How
>many indonesians are speaking German? OR vice versa.
>Hasil pencarian untuk / Suchergebnisse f=FCr
>Bahasa Indonesia / Indonesisch Bahasa Jerman / Deutsch
>tidak ketemu --> "Tchethily" <-- nicht gefunden
>Tebal kamus / Gr=F6=DFe des W=F6rterbuches: 15524 entri / Eintr=E4ge

Hey, you want to win the obscurity sweepstakes, consider my former=20
officemate Eui-Suk Chung's own (first and only!) Swedish-Korean=20
dictionary... However, Contestant #2's guess of German was much,=20
much closer than Indonesian.

Yiddish; think kvetch :-)

Tetchy adj : easily irritated or annoyed; "an incorrigibly fractious=20
young man"; "not the least nettlesome of his countrymen" [syn:=20
cranky, fractious, irritable, nettlesome, peevish, peckish, pettish,=20
petulant, testy, techy]

Source: WordNet =AE 1.6

Right off of, no less. And for the record, since we=20
seem to have a declining Jew-ratio on the list :-) I have to plumb my=20
own cultural training to remind thee of thus:

chach=B7ka or tchotch=B7ke (chchk) also tsats=B7ke (ts=E4tsk).
n. Slang
A cheap, showy trinket.
[Yiddish tshatshke, from Polish dialectal czaczka.]

It should come in handy for all the shiny geeky natives fascinated by=20
the beady necklaces handed out at Comdex or Mardi Gras...