RE: Dell on Bluetooth vs. 802.11

Edward Jung (
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 17:49:13 -0800

Implementations typically fall back to 1 and 2 mbps. Typical xmit power is
100mw in the US, sinking just under 1/2 watt.

Bluetooth only has a range of 10m, so it isn't appropriate for corporate
building and home-wide networks. It's more of an in-room thing.

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"In a related announcement, Dell said it would begin to install Aironet
4800 wireless networking
products into its OptiPlex desktop line. The wireless cards will
allow users to plug into corporate
networks without wires. In September, Dell began to bundle Aironet
products into its corporate
notebook lines. "
Aironet 4800 is 802.11.

I'm not concerned about the desktops, but the fact that Dell's been
selling 802.11 on notebooks should be a concern for Bluetooth fans since
the first thing early adopters will want to do is connect their Palms
and phones with their laptops.

Anybody know how low-power 802.11 can go? Can it fallback in bandwidth?