Phone Sex Operator Wins Compensation Settlement

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 00:10:58 -0800

[Is this an urban legend? --RK]

Phone Sex Operator Wins Compensation Settlement

MIAMI (Reuters) - A Florida phone sex operator has won a workers'
compensation settlement claiming she was injured after regularly
masturbating at work, her lawyer said.

During the course of her claim for workers' compensation benefits,
the now 40-year-old employee of Fort Lauderdale's CFP Enterprises
Inc. said she developed carpal tunnel syndrome -- also known as
repetitive motion injury -- in both hands from masturbating as many
as seven times a day while speaking with callers....
"She was told to do whatever it takes to keep the person on the phone
as long as possible..."

The woman used one hand to answer the telephone and the other to note
customers' names and fetishes and to give herself an orgasm during
the verbal exchanges.