I'v been e-slammed!

The Jester (ygoland@cinenet.net)
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 22:04:56 -0800 (PST)

A few months ago I asked Rohit to take me off FORK; I was going on
vacation and didn't want to come back to a mailbox full of useless cruft.

It took me several weeks after my return to figure out why handling my
personal e-mail had suddenly become enjoyable. It was because the
ceaseless noise of the FORK drone was gone. I was free!!!!!

Unfortunately something has gone horribly wrong and I seem to have been
e-slammed, subscribed to a mailing list without my permission.

So I submit this prayer to the awful gods of this e-mail list, free me!

I do not wish to partake of this bacchanalian orgy of mindless dithering.

Jane, get me off this crazy thing!


P.S. I realize that bacchanalian orgy is actually redundant because orgy
is one of the terms used to define bacchanalian. However I felt that the
redundant use of the terms added a certain emphasis that falls well within
acceptable usage of American English.