Auctioning Off Gary Coleman's Virginity

Sally Khudairi (
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 10:23:02 -0500

Now here's something to wake you up. What a find!

As indicated, the auction has been going on for a while...but you can't miss
the previously unannounced items up for grabs ;-)

- S


Virginity Endangered?! Highest Bidder Wins Date With Diff'rent Strokes Star
Gary Coleman On UGO/Gary Coleman Celebrity Auction


New, Previously Unannounced Items Also Up For Grabs

Former child star Gary Coleman told Howard Stern that he's still a virgin at
age 31, so UGO Networks, Inc.,UnderGroundOnline, (, announced
today that it plans to auction off an extravagant night on the town with
Gary Coleman. The highest bidder will win an all expense paid trip to
Manhattan to spend the night eating and drinking with Coleman. The night on
the town begins with dinner at Lucky Cheng's, New York's infamous drag queen
themed restaurant, and continues with drinks and dancing at Veruka, a
celebrity hotspot.

Now in its second week, the Gary Coleman Web-a-Thon continues to raise money
for the former child star who is in desperate need after declaring
bankruptcy in August.

"We love Gary Coleman here at UGO and we want him to be happy," said Joe
Robinson, Chairman UGO Networks. "We think a night on the town will help him
leave his troubles in the past."

"I'm looking forward to meeting the lovely lady who bids on the date," said
Gary Coleman, "I know there is a woman out there who is looking for a true
gentleman like myself."

Gary Coleman fans can also bid at the online auction for previously
unannounced items like Coleman's Web Cam; a Hollow World hat (from the
arcade where Gary used to be a tour guide); his favorite book (Union
Pacific's Sherman Hill In The Diesel Era); his "Word Search" book and an
original photo of the star from a sexy modeling shoot. Additional items for
auction include items donated by celebrities including, Derek Jeter and
Chuck Knoblauch of the New York Yankees, music groups Korn and Len, and The
Sopranos stars Michael Rappaport and Paul Schulze.

Additionally, fans who donate money to UGO's Gary Coleman Celebrity
Web-a-Thon will not go away empty handed. Besides the satisfied feeling of
helping someone less fortunate during the holiday season, fans will be
rewarded with premiums including: Gary Coleman votive candles; Gary Coleman
Zippo Lighters; Gary Coleman Commemorative Plates; UGO stickers; Gary
Coleman stickers and "Save Me" t-shirts. The site also features online
comedy phone sex with the star, a 3d rendering of a hip hop dancing Gary,
and a Thanksgiving oriented flash animation featuring Gary's voice as well
as plenty of other entertaining content. All this can be found at

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