Stack Overflow Launches World's First XML Authoring Environment Designed for XHTML

Sally Khudairi (
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 13:52:40 -0500

Stack Overflow Launches The Mozquito Factory -- The World's First XML
Authoring Environment Designed for XHTML

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Sally Khudairi
<> -- 30 November, 1999 -- Stack Overflow AG today
announced the commercial availability of the Mozquito Factory, the world's
first XHTML authoring environment. XHTML bridges HTML -- the lingua franca
of the Web -- with the power of XML, bringing richer Web pages and more
flexible Web applications for a wide range of platforms and browsers: from
desktop PCs to televisions to kiosks to automobiles and mobile devices.

"XHTML is modular, allowing markup for eCommerce, vector graphics and
multimedia, for example, to be easily combined," said Sebastian
Schnitzenbaumer, CEO of Stack Overflow AG and member of the W3C HTML Working
Group. "The Mozquito Factory is ideal for developers who are forward-looking
but need to ensure backward compatablity: it is an easy to learn, efficient
environment that can be used in conjunction with any HTML editing software
and mainstream browser. At last -- developers have the ability to create
dynamic and interactive Web pages without complex scripting and

The Mozquito Factory: Offering True Extensibility and Freedom from Current
Browser Limitations

Written entirely in Java, the Mozquito Factory is a client-side, stand-alone
authoring environment. The Mozquito Factory significantly reduces authoring
costs for complex, highly dynamic Web interfaces -- saving hundreds of hours
of programming time. Built upon a modular framework, the Mozquito Factory
combines three independent applications into a powerful toolkit:

- Mozquito Engine: to enable current browsers, such as Netscape Navigator
or Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 4.0 and higher, to process the
extensibility and display next-generation data formats and standards,
including XML and XHTML.

- XHTML Validator: to automatically validate any XHTML or XML document, opt
imize markup, and invoke the Mozquito Engine upon successful validation to
view the Web page. In addition, the XHTML Validator displays error messages
to help users improve their authoring skills and easily learn about new tags
and attributes.

- Factory Editor: to author and edit highly dynamic XHTML, XML and
forms-intensive Web sites without scripting or programming.

With the Mozquito Factory, users no longer need to worry about incomplete
implementations caused by the browser wars or tiresome cross-browser
scripting in JavaScript/JScript/VBScript or Java Applet programming.
Developers can now design and create online shops, eCommerce applications,
quizzes, polls, questionnaires, games, calendars, order forms, surveys,
administration interfaces and complex, dynamic Web pages in minutes.

"Now authoring standards-based, highly dynamic Web interfaces can't be
simpler. Web developers who have long depended on programmers to build
complex, forms-intensive sites can finally take control and do it themselves
quickly and easily." added Schnitzenbaumer. "The Mozquito Factory also
ensures all the tags you will never want to miss again work right away in
existing browsers -- no plugins, no applets, no hassle!"

Download the Mozquito Factory for a free 30-day trial at Catch the Mozquito Factory in action at
Live Exhibit Booth #306 on 8-11 December 1999 in New Orleans, LA.


Munich-based Stack Overflow specializes in innovative client-server
solutions for the Web. Their flagship product -- the Mozquito Factory -- is
the world's first XML-based XHTML authoring tool, enabling developers to use
tomorrow's Web technologies today.

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