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Tue, 30 Nov 1999 11:49:27 -0500 (EST)

I lived on the road with 30-30,000 showerless hippies for 8 months, and
you're right. It's NOT a joking matter. (: That's why the next time I
go to a gathering, I'm going to run a shower kitchen, with hot and cold
running water, soap, etc. One of the fondest memories I have of the
gatherings follows: (NOTE: I use the word "fondest" loosely)

There's this anarchist/discordian/clown/schizophrenic named Dr.
DingleBoulder (cuz he's more full of shit than a dingleberry, dontcha
know) who kept ignoring our hints to go bathe. Granted, it was January
and the temp was steadily in the 20s and the lake was... a bit cold. (:
But the rest of us at TeaTime (the kitchen where I mostly live at the
gatherings when I go) had had it with his fondness of his funk. So one
day, as he was happily ingesting about 3 grams of mushrooms, I and 3 other
pretty blonde hippie chicks lured him to the kitchen hammock and proceeded
to whisper pretty things to him, enchanting him with our sparkly promises
of a lovely time in the hammock. We'd rigged it up just right, and in
seconds, he was bound wrists and ankles to the hammock. From that point,
we used a swiss army knife to cut his clothes completely off and washed
him head to toe with Lava soap and brillo pads. He screamed, begged,
pleaded and even resorted to telling us that we were washing away living
creatures that depended on his funk for life (of course we knew this
already). Doc bathes a LOT more regularly nowdays. (:

So, nope, it ain't a joke, but it sure is funny as hell sometimes! (;

Cynthia J. Dale
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> MORRISON, CO--The music world was shaken by tragedy Sunday night when
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