Tom Whore (
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 13:16:16 -0800 (PST)

Living in Portland OR, on the infamous HAwthorne street no less, the funk
of the unwashed hippies has become both a source of constant hillarity and
deadend nose recpetion.

Stink is some sort of badge with the Church of the Latter Day Hippie,
those who have seemingly picked up thier live style from an MTV segment on
the "good old days of the 60's" and other medida horse shit.

Some how when they were sold thier GAP Starter Hippie Kit of unwashed
jeans, smelly tie dies, ratty hair care tips and "Sound like you have the
IQ of a Cow" Phrase book. (complete with phony political stnces and catch
phrase like "Meat is murder" "peace Love" and "where are they playing
next?") they were sold on the idea of Stink as an experssive outlet.

Flowers wilt in the wake of thier stinkfoot, smalls cats have been known
to throw themselves in front of TriMet buses to escape teh clutuches of a
smelly Cat Momma.

I had the unfortunate experinece of attracting one of these nose hurting
folks. She was cute enough with her doe like eyes and limp long hair. If
talking to her at a party wasnt enough to churn my stomach ( I found out
that computers are anti nature and should be regulated like guns) the
creeping death that awaited me from her kiss certianly did. It was like
frenching a bowl of sushi(uni came to mind) left for 8 days to rot along
with a generous supply of American Spirit cigerete buts.

All that would enter my mind was that in order to even beging to advance
to foreplay with the younfg girl I would want her to go thru a process
much like that depicted in The Andromena Strain. Foreplay shouldnt be
about steriliozation and sloughing off of the top layers of skin, not like
that anyway.

So sing well to the Hippie, bought and sold for the price of thier feeble
little minds and left to stink in our cities with both thier mindset and
thier wafting odor.

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