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WTO vs. WWF coming to an N64 near you!
"Battle in Seattle" -- Showtime!

The argument is that the WTO and Federal Reserve have
become over the past several years two secretive and unelected branches of
the US federal government--equal in power to the
legistlative, judicial, and executive branches. Some people
claim they are dictating policy, usurping laws,
enforcing requirements that conflict with US autonomy, etc.

As for the WTO, allowing China into the WTO and other
organizations would be a great thing for Orange County economically.
exported over $8B worth of goods and services last year, mainly to
Mexico, Canada, and the Pacific Rim. China was the fastest growing


Trade stakes high for O.C.

ECONOMY: Several people will represent the county
at the 'Battle in Seattle.'

November 30, 1999

The Orange County Register

A man in China surfing the Internet stumbles upon the Web site of
Tustin-based Environmental Engineering & Contracting Inc.

The discovery leads him to invite consultants from the 5-year-old,
15-employee company across the Pacific to present a waste
cleanup plan for his oil refinery.

"That was pretty much our first international experience," said the
company's marketing director, Margaret Dutton.

The incident illustrates the complex interplay of e-commerce,
foreign trade and environmental issues for businesses in Orange
County, where exports make up about 8 percent of the economy.

Those issues along with labor rules, tariffs, intellectual-property
rights and international investment will be on the bargaining table
today as trade ministers and rulers from 135 nations meet for the
World Trade Organization conference in Seattle.

The conference dubbed the "Battle in Seattle" because of
accompanying protests is supposed to set the agenda for a new
round of trade talks to regulate the international flow of goods,
services and information

Tom Whore wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, B.K. DeLong wrote:
> --]
> --]*sigh*
> --]
> --]Some interesting ironies...the environmentalists destroying the
> --]environment, workers rights people causing more work for those they are
> --]fighting for:
> --]
> You know its a lost cause when you feel bad for the cops.
> All this neo hippie shit is the continuation of 30 plus years of
> stagnation and inbreed thinking that has left bankrupt a possibly vibrant
> section of our society.
> So the Rage Against My Cherios crowd is having a frat party in tie die up
> in Seatle. They want me to feel lik they are doing something worthy ot
> honorable? Like I said, its a lost cause when you feel bad for the cops in
> the situation.
> Lets all wave our fists in the air, chant the same slogans in unison and
> march in the street damaging up what we do not find proper.
> Now where have we heard this tactic used before?
> Good work WTO, if you play your cards right you can come out looking like
> the Wronged Party in this case, and all you need to do is feed three
> unwashed hippies with the right catch phrases to use in a mob.
> Seatle, the only good part of it is WOTC
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