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Tom Whore (
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 17:23:38 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, Danny O'Brien wrote:

--]Not taking sides here, but it'll be interesting to see how attitudes progress
--]in the next few months. Although I suspect a lot of the new approach has to do
--]with it being easier to cop the "concerned but impartial observer" tone when
--]it's not happening in your country.

Spin control is an intersting beast. Take the riots at Tompkins Sq Park in
NYC for instance. It went from a Protest Of Trouble In the Making to
NIGHT OF CHAOS to COps Beat Crowd to Investigations Show Protestors Struck
First to the fragmentation of all the presses so that you had on one hand
the cops as heros to the other with the homeless as martyrs.

All the while you knew , if you lived in the hood, that booth sides were
assholes to each other and they got exactly what they asked for. Lets face
it, when yo have a gorup like the Missing Foundations on your side your
never goingto win a moral victory.

Im listening to the Cops Scanner and wacting the web cams and fitting that
in with what i saw in Seatle this past weekend ( i was there on a weekend
visit to the Wozards of the Coast:)).Frankly it looks like the
"anarchists" are once again proving to tbe the WTOs best ally.

Meanwhile the teamsters are getting pissed and the press is having a
hell of a time finding the right "spin" to give the event.

thank goodness i was home sick today:)- My bwf is much better here than at

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