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Wed, 1 Dec 1999 02:08:57 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, Tom Whore wrote:

> --]Ohhh, yes indeed, too nice!! Where are the guns and the billyclubs?
> --]Pepper gas is not enough!!! Kill the dissenters@#!@#! Kill them
> --]allllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> --]
> You twisted silly person:)- Pull up a chair and let me tell you a tale.

Groovy. I love stories. (:

> Now i grew up in NYC. the cops there are bad ass and they know it. Most
> times its a miracle they dont turn total Visigoth and sack the whole
> place. I learned early on just what you can get away with when dealing
> with NYC cops, my uncle was one. I never got into a scuffle with one in
> all my years of messing around, protesting, punking, and crawing thru the
> tunnles.

I think that part of the problem with cops who don't work in high-crime
areas is that they are bored. In NYC, cops there have much bigger and
more dangerous things to worry about than a few tie-dyed stoners or goths
who listen to love songs, or the like. And maybe there's a tighter bond
also because of the dangerousness of living in the city -- folks depend on
the cops to keep them safe. At least that's what I hope. When I was up
in MA, I called the cops on a heroin-shootin maniac with a gun and was
practically shaken down personally for doing so. My life's been one big
Tracy Chapman song. How's it go?

Last nite I heard the screaming --
loud voices against the wall
another sleepless nite for me
won't do no good to call

the police
always come late
if they come at all...

> POrtland, where I live now, cops in contrast are izzare. They have near
> zerio contact with the populace UNLESS its to beat them up. There is no
> real contact withthe cops and the people, which is as much a fault of the
> people here as the cops. If they only talked to each other there wouldnt
> be this wall. So when a portland cops stops you here its made intoa big
> deal. When they have to deal with any situation that is slightly above a
> "hi how are you" one they are like rabid pit bulls witht he scent of meat
> in the air.

Same where I'm from. I do like most of the cops I've had to deal with
here in NC, though (not counting the one who threw me in jail for not
having my tags (YES HE SURE DID)). But then again, this area just seems
more civil in general than the other southern states I've lived in. I
guess they're not too bored here. Wonder what they're all doin...

> For all its faults I much perfer the NYC style. The cops were much more
> intergrated in to the populace and there was a connection there.
> I say the cops just start playing Phish tunes in the streets of seatle and
> all thier propblems would go away...or atleast stop smashingthings and
> just hippie dance.

I once saw a girl in Atlanta take a few vials of LSD and pour them into
her hand, then go touch 3 cops telling them, "I love you, brother," while
soaking their arms with LSD. Saw one of them later rip off his clothes
and start dancin. Hmmm...

> Meanwhile, what are the issues being protested again?:)-

The issue that I find the most interesting is almost paradoxical when I
try to examine how I feel about it. We've got trade bans up against
certain countries for moralistic and environmental reasons: they use child
labor, they cut down too many trees to grow beef, they treat their women
like shit. The WTO meetings threaten to open up trade with those
countries again, leaving us powerless to stop such obsenities. While I
agree with boycotts like that, I also disgree with the US policing the
world, and have problems with many of our laws which legislate morality
(or try to) -inside- this country. So I ride the fence and just cheer for
no particular reason other than that I'm happy someone's upset enough
about something to gather and raise a little hell. (:

> Hocus pocus,,nothing up my sleave....not evena cuase.

Just get naked n dance with the cops and you won't have any sleeves!!

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