Console Gamers to outnumber PC Gamers by 2002

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 01 Dec 1999 16:18:15 -0800

Obviously it's because consoles are going to be more powerful than
PCs since they don't have to run that crappy OS.


Videogames to Surpass PCs for Online Gaming

Is the PC market's domination of online gaming in fear of being
overtaken by the next-gen consoles?

November 30, 1999

According to a recent study conducted by research group Datamonitor
Plc., next-generation consoles such as Sony's PlayStation 2 and
Nintendo's Dolphin will deliver online gaming into more homes than the PC
market by the year 2002. The study predicts that approximately 29 million
people will play online through their home consoles by 2002, compared to
an approximated 25 million using PCs. Those figures differ hugely from
today's numbers, with approximately 8.4 million users playing games over
the Internet on their PCs and no online-ready software available for home
consoles yet.

The firm attributes home console domination of online gaming in the future
to simplicity. "Online gaming is currently a complex affair," said Frederic
Diot, a Datamonitor analyst. "The success enjoyed by these new consoles
will stem from the ease of use that they will bring to online gaming."

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