Microsoft Y2K Video at Blockbuster

Rasheed Baqai (
Wed, 1 Dec 1999 19:38:34 -0800 (PST)

(For those that have a slow modem connection, getting the free CD is a
good idea perhaps.)


Blockbuster Inc. stores nationwide are now carrying a free, 30-minute
video titled "Is Your Computer Prepared for the Year 2000?" to be
carried in the Community Service section of participating Blockbuster
stores. When consumers check out the free Microsoft Y2K video, they
will also be provided with the Microsoft Year 2000 Resource CD, which
includes the latest updates for key Microsoft products as well as an
assortment of tools and information related to Y2K.

The Microsoft Y2K video walks customers through the process of easily
preparing their PC hardware, software and data for the year 2000.
Consumers ranging from novices to the technically proficient will find
the video pertinent and useful.

The video features a variety of recognizable hosts, including Bill Nye,
known to many as the Science Guy, Bob Cringely, a technology journalist
who writes for PBS, and John Archer, president of the PC Alliance. The
Y2K video is available at participating Blockbuster stores throughout
the United States. Consumers may also view the Y2K Video via the
Microsoft Y2K Web site at