Re: Console Gamers to outnumber PC Gamers by 2002

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Thu, 02 Dec 1999 12:20:29 -0600

> What? Are they going out of business?? They are selling
> one of everything in the store for Today's Price of $298.67.

Not that I know of. I don't have any direct connection to Bungie, but a pretty
substantial indirect one. The guy who did the music for Myth games, and at
least one other game you've heard of (Riven), is a friend. He's got another
new one out now, called Septerra Core. It's got over 4 hours of spoken
dialogue. All on a single CD, I believe. Compression be praised.

One other bit of his work you've no doubt heard. The Flintstones Vitamins
jingle. "Ten million strong, and growing." It's his Stairway To Heaven.