Re: WTO the rampage!

Karee Swift (
Thu, 2 Dec 1999 15:04:58 -0800

In all respects, looking at some of the recaps of this Seattle clueless
riot. The cops (given the situation, and the elements of craziness on all
ends) seemed to be handling themselves with a certain level of restraint.
No one has died yet. I think the problem falls with the need for increasing
hostility when really, there need be none. On the part of the rioters, as
well as the cops in some cases. The rioters, may have a point to their
riots (but i'm finding it difficult to see!) but the tactics of some -- 30
to a 100, in case you were wondering, has tarnished whatever message they
wish to present. Its really sad, because I fear that the actions of these
30 or so will have much more of an effect than most people notice. The
government controls the amount of protest -- regulating area, threat of
violence, and in some cases, has tried to regulate speech content itself.
These actions -do not help- the situation. That annoys me. When I realize
that the stupidity of a few continually influences how laws are made it
annoys. I fear new legislation is on the rise.

What was most disconcerting on the end of the cops was the force used to
arrest/remove _peaceful_ protesters. There is something inately wrong with
this picture. Granted, the news is all second hand, but for most people,
peaceful usually denotes that laws aren't being broken --

The Mayor of Seattle noted that he was shocked that such an event could
happen in Seattle. At the same time, an understanding that events are not
isolated to any given area was brought into light by these crude displays of
political protest.

I still wonder, political protest over what?